short story for kids

short story for kids

We get to learn a lot of good things from the story. We write many short stories for kids for you. One who prepares children. Our effort is to write good stories for you.

Sunil’s father is a servant in college and he wanted Sunil to study and become a big man, he did not want him to live in poverty like us. Sunil also wanted the same. That he should fulfill his parents’ dream and when his numbers are good in 12th, he and his father are very happy.

But due to poor financial condition of the family, he could not study further. In order to help his family financially, Sunil left home without telling him to earn money and went out and started looking for a job. And in the end, he started to work in the call center. Along with the job, he used to spend time to prepare himself. Sunil used to work in the day and work in the night. |

But facing all the troubles, Sunil never gave up and faced the situation fiercely. And then finally the day had come which Sunil was waiting for. But many times, luck is not what we all think. When Sunil’s result came, he could not pass and Sunil was very sad and he was completely broken, but he did not give up and then united and started putting himself in his tail.

During this time, Sunil also lost his job and as if a mountain of troubles broke out on Sunil’s money and financial helplessness was so great that even he could not go back home. And he saw the children who were going to the junk at the railway station and started asking them why are you going to the junk, the child replied that we sell .S junk and get money which fills our stomach.

Now along with him Sunil started to pick up junk and at the same time spent his days focusing on his studies and the exam day was back again and S Bar Sunil got the first place topping. When Sunil’s parents called to tell S News, hearing his voice, tears started falling from their eyes and said son we are proud of you. Thus Sunil Kadhi achieved his goal with hard work and dedication and Illuminate your parents name.

Friends, nothing was possible or impossible, whether possible or impossible depends on our brain. All the work in human life is possible. There should be passion and passion to do that work only then success will be in your steps.

Remember, life is very sweet and no one else will make it cute. You are the creator of your life. Life has nothing to give you life, you can give it to me. You can give life to you only when you will not give up. You are in any wonderful situation no matter what happens. So you become a real hero. If you can’t run, then if you can’t walk, then do anything, but don’t give up because your destination is waiting for you. Struggle is life

The floor will be found, while wandering while wandering, Sahi is misguided as he has not come out.

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