amazon success story

amazon success story

Amazon success story

Amazon success story If you understand the details of your business you are going to fail. Amazon is an America multinational technology company based in Washington. was founded by Jeff Bezos on July 5, 1994. The first started as an online bookstore but later it became the world’s largest e-commerce company called Amazon, and the business and the company around the world Gradually different types of products started selling online.

Jeff Bezos Success Story

The story of Jeff Bezos was fraught with difficulties Bezos was born in 1964 in New Texas. Jeff Bezos lived at his maternal grandfather’s house, his grandfather was a very big landowner. When Jeff Bezos was born, his mother was only 17 years old.The matrimonial relationship of his parents was only possible that they got divorced. Second marriage with Miguel Bezos Jeff Bezos often used to go to Texas for a summer vacation. And worked in his fields. He was very interested in science. He made an alarm in his childhood, Bezos did not tell anyone in his family. Bezos entered Princeton University to study physics, but he soon pursued computer science and then graduated in electrical engineering and computer science.

Bezos founded in 1994 from a small room after touring several countries from New York . He became a prominent dot-com entrepreneur and billionaire on his own work with Amazon. In 2004, he founded a startup company called Blue Origin called Human Space Flight. He also has a keen interest in space science. Became the world’s richest due to their hard work and hard work .Today, this company employs more than 2 lakh employees.

Head of company (Board of Directors)

  • Brian T. OlsavskySenior (Vice President and Chief Financial Officer)
  • Andrew R. JassyChief Executive Officer, Amazon Web Services
  • Shelley L. ReynoldsVice President, Worldwide Controller
  • Jeffrey A. WilkeCEO Worldwide Consumer
  • David A. ZapolskySenior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary

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